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Unsurpassed Team



Unsurpassed Team is a student short film directed by Ruxin Liang, Changjiang Wang and Michael Davin created at the School of Visual Arts

Responsible for Story, Concept, Modeling, Set Dressing, Texturing, Look Development, Lighting and Compositing

Programs Maya | Nuke | Mari | Arnold | ZBrush | Photoshop | UV layout | Marvelous Designer | Premiere | Davinci



Unsurpassed Team is a film about two witches as a team preparing for a flying performance competition in their witches school, but there is a squabble between them when they practicing. Their solid friendship keeps them understand each other and finish a perfect performance on the match at the end.



• Ruxin Liang

Story Concept, Modeling, Set Dressing, Texturing, Lighting and Compositing.

• Changjiang Wang

Lighting, Compositing, Hair, Houdini FX, Cloth Sim, Texturing.

Michael Davin

Animation, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design, Rigging.


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• Color Platte


• Storyboard


Art Collection

• Fiona Lu


• Ruxin Liang


• Jiayin Shi


• Hemu Zoner


• Feifan

Concept Art _ Broomshop.png

• Jiayi Dong


Thank you to our classmates and juniors that helped us on this project and also to our Composer Jerome Leroy, who helped bring this film together.


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