About me

Hello! I’m Ruxin Liang, a 3D Generalist located in New York City, studying computer art and visual effects in the School of Visual Arts. I am an enthusiastic artist, and I do what I do best. There is four years background for me in producing ideas in 2D, and 3D formats especially concentrated in 3D modeling and look development, concept design, setdressing, lighting, compositing and graphic design. I am passionate to maintain advancing my skill set and to explore various places for an idea to implement more creative projects. There are a couple of times collaborative experiences and work experiences for me to make me easily able to coordinate with other inspiring artist and take direction. 

I am seeking an opportunity to make a contribution in the field I am concentrated in and improve myself. I am going all out to refine my different part's skills since I have great enthusiasm on the things I am working on.

Please don't hesitate to contact me!